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Donation for Moringas Mission

Posted on: 29. April 2017
Donation for Moringas Mission

Donation for Moringas Mission

*Receive this awesome high resolution photo for print by email of ‘Mateo’ when you make a donation to help us feed the animals.

To those of you who know me, you know I live and breathe animals.
Over two years ago Moringa’s Mission was started by family and friends to help me save animals in the Sabaneta area of the Dominican Republic.
With the wonderful help of people around the world I have been able to save hundreds of dogs as well as cats and horses from Sabaneta and surrounding areas as funds allow.

We have many animals in our care and without your donations we would not be able continue with rescue, spay/neuter operatives, education and medications for the communities animals wether pets or farm animals.

Making a donation is easy. Email transfer or PayPal is accepted at or if living in the DR north coast it can be made at The Chocolate Bar in Cabarete or at Moringa’s Mission personally. Drop me a PM and I can meet you or arrange a time for you to visit the sanctuary for cuddles.

Big thank you to Hispaniola FineArt by Nicole Bleck for this amazing photo and idea.*

Thank you Dee and Family for all <3




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