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  • Una bela cacata
    2. October 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    Phormictopus cf atrichomatus  Way of life: soil-dwelling Body length Adult: 7 – 8cm Defense: Leg Strike, Defense / Poison Bite Behavior: Right offensive when disturbed, […]

  • some lightning pictures from 27.09.2019
    29. September 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    There were so many lightning that night … It was incredibly difficult to know exactly where the lightning was coming from. I’ll need a little […]

  • Chilabothrus striatus
    25. September 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    also known as Hispaniolan Boa, family Boidae rescued and now again back in the forest (if i am not right with the name, please feel […]

  • Rio la Catalina
    23. September 2019 by Nicole Bleck

      between Sabaneta and Cabarete wonderful to see  

  • Donkey Matheo, Goat Oscar and Cow Rosana
    22. September 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    they are all about 3 years now Maybe I should take some new photos

  • Aristocrat Great Danes Puppies
    15. September 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    I wish, i could get them all Such cute pups

  • Luise and her Grandma
    14. September 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    something from last year it was such a pleasure and fun to photograph Luise and her Grandmother thank you so much

  • Kite & Surf
    20. August 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    La Boca, Kitebeach & Playa Encuentro

  • Beautiful Saundra
    17. August 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    Saundra and I had a wonderful photo shoot. We have laughed so much and discovered many similarities. Thank you so much, that i am allowed […]

  • Culebra Verde
    12. August 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    Original Article : Culebra verde de la Hispaniola / Hispaniola Green tree snake (Uromacer oxyrhynchus) Uromacer oxyrhynchus is a thin colubrid tree snake with a […]

  • Playa Caleton and the sculptures
    6. August 2019 by Nicole Bleck

    I am in love with Playa Caleton and the crystal clear water over there. If you want to take a Break, go there into the […]

  • Sehnsucht Dominikanische Republik 2020
    31. July 2019 by anderl

    Karibische Eindrücke gegen das Fernweh   Die Dominikanische Republik ist das größte und vielfältigste Land der Karibik. Die grüne Insel ist im Norden umgeben vom […]